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March 27, 2012


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I found the photo of my Great Grandfather in this database not more than a week ago. I was so surprised when I stumbled upon it.

I found this out accidentally, what a good idea to publicize the fact. I have a photo of my husband's great grandfather, who doesn't look so swell, but I also provided friend with photos of her kids' great parents and she was quite amazed. For my husband's great grandfather, I found a better photo of him in the Eastman archives. I had to pay for a copy, which was beautiful, but if you have an ancestor in there, it's worth a shot.

Do you know if there is a way to get a copy, as when I go to look at the picture, it's just one big black blob? This isn't the first one I've found like this either, just a black spot in the shape (if you're lucky) of the person.

Found my Great Uncle's picture as of 1922! It's the only photo any of the family has ever seen! Was able to see some resemblance to my father. Great resource!

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