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March 08, 2012


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Hope you use the War of 1812 as an example in Friday's Webinar.

I downloaded this update (Deluxe Edition user) but the Census button didn't appear anywhere.

Lucy - make sure you have at least version If you do and you don't see the census button in the main toolbar, right-click on any of the buttons in the main toolbar, select and move the Census button up, and click OK.

Looks good. A really great idea!!! Thank you. :)

Is it possible to to eliminate those ancestors that I have already documented with a specific Census?

John - that will be coming in a future update.

So how does it work? I clicked on Census List tab. It was pre-filled with United States and 1940. Clicked on Create the List or Report: and it says there are no records found that match the search criteria.
Out of almost 2500 people on my tree, there is NO ONE who lived in 1940? according to this Tool? NOT!
I'm expecting this Tool to give me a list of everyone in my tree who was living in the United States in 1940.
Am I supposed to have "United States" in every location field instead of "USA"?
The Help feature on the Tool window gives Help for the entire program, not just the Census Tool.

I'm not able to download the update right now but I'm wondering how does the list deal with women. Does it show them by their maiden name (how they are recorded in Legacy) but with a note as to what her expected married name would be to search for in a particular Cennsus?

Alan - there is an option to include "Married Names for Wives", as well as "Include Alternate Names" and "Include Surrounding Relatives."

Phyllis - give it another try. Select United States from the drop down list. No, you shouldn't have to have the country as part of the location field but I'll ask the programmers about "USA." In the next free update the help file will be updated to include everything about the topic.

Phyllis - When you choose the census year the date field should automatically fill in. If it is blank you get a blank report. I ran into this myself.

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