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April 11, 2012


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I wanted to purchase "Families" for my IPad but I'm unable to access the site "telgen.co" to download the sync software.
Web Page not available message comes up with error 118.

Unless I can get the sync software there's no point in buying "Families"

I would appreciate any help.

The website is http://www.telgen.co.uk/families

Thank you Geoff - but I know what the web address is. I can't access it. If I try to the site it comes up with the error Web Page not available!

I have tried on my IPad and on my computer running Explorer and also tried with Google.

I have not had this problem before..

I guess I'm not sure what to recommend. I'm able to browse to it with Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

It must be one of my network settings - which I'm clueless about :)
It's a home network nothing very complicated except to me.
I'll try to search for error message etc.
thanks again - I really do want that programme for my IPad -
If you think of anything please let me know in the meantime I'll try finding what I can about error message 118!

I found the Families webinar very useful (watched it afterwards as 6am our time was a bit early!). It is great having access to my whole family file when I am at a research library. I also learnt some new things about Legacy from the webinar (like sorting locations). The new Legacy census tool is great too.

Can I install Families on my Kindle Fire?

Thanks Geoff

Bonnie W

Bonnie - yes, it works on the Kindle Fire.

Sigh, no application for my Windows 7 phone....nobody likes us Window 7 phone folks:):)

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