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Yep, Geoff's moving to Idaho

In my casual mention in our last webinar of my family's upcoming move to the state of Idaho I did not consider that it would stir up so many questions. Will Geoff still be with Legacy? What about the webinars? Where is Idaho?

Since I can do what I do from anywhere with an Internet connection, the move will not effect what I do with Legacy or our weekly webinars. Besides, I believe so much in what we are doing here at Legacy Family Tree that I just can't see myself doing anything else. And...we've got some exciting plans for the future! I'll also get to head up the regional Legacy offices in the Boise area. Maybe I should check to see if Idaho has Internet....

Some things will change though. I am now acclimated to 115 degree summer temps, but here in Arizona when it falls below 60 in the winter, it's time for the winter coat. Wierd, I know. Idaho is already into the 40s at night, and it's still summer. I'll miss my grapefruit and orange trees, but I'll get to plant lots of potatoes.

Regardless, we're excited about the change. If you'd like to read a little more, I wrote about it on my personal blog here.


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I for one am excited that you are moving to Idaho. We have been ignored in the past (as if we had none)by the gen groups. I personally have been here since the Air Force brought our family here in 1962. I chose to live in Idaho at the end of our career as did 3 of my four children. We are not as'podunk' as people think. Jo

Down will become your best friend.

It is great to hear that you will still be around at Legacy. Your Webnars are great to take part in and give us all some great ideas to help with our Genealogical Studies. All the best with your new home . LOL, PAUL MORRIS HILTON

I watch all your webinars from the great state of Idaho! You will love it here, even with the cold!

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