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October 26, 2012


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Go to stardock and download Start-8 it costs less than $8 and it add the start menu back in... well worth it's weight in gold!


I've been working with the consumer preview and really enjoy it. I'll be upgrading to W8 on my production machine this weekend but will uninstall my anti-virus software first. According to many posts I have seen, it seems that the anti-virus software is the biggest issue between success and failure.

I guess that I'm getting lazy. Instead of downloading and installing Windows 8, I got on the Dell.com website and ordered a new Windows 8 machine. Now I wait for November 21.

I upgraded to Win8 with a "special" price of $37.95 from a local computer sales outlet. Win8 is OK, but I lost my favorite Spider game. I had to play with the tiles until I got the programs that I use most often moved to where I want them. I went to purchase "Spider" from the Windows store but Win8 won't open that pane so I don't know how to buy anything from MS. Overall, I don't see anything that is faster, and now I have to sign in every morning where I never had to do that before.

Yes, I have upgraded, via a new computer Dell, All In One, just received yesterday, currently transferring data, have not loaded my Legacy Program yet. So far every has been everything has been very self-explanatory and I think it is going to be great.

What is the "Windows DVD" option for $14.99? Is this a mail order version of the download? Is there an advantage to this option?

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