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November 21, 2012


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I gave a presentation in Elkhart, IN and SOLD EIGHT Genealogists into purchasing your book!!! They are watching for the postman!! You visited our group MANY years ago when Launching LEGACY FAMILY TREE!!

Thanks Anita! Great to hear from you. I sure enjoyed my time in Elkhart.

Geoff, I learned so much from your Digital Imaging webinar that I had to order your book. I can't wait until this holiday week is over so that I can start to read my ebook version. Thanks for the great information. Keep up the great work and thanks also for all of the other webinars that you put on.

Thank you Geoff for your great book on Digital Imaging. I have the PDF copy stored on my Computer and I look forward to getting the copy as soon as it arrives. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Webnars this year and I will be registering for 2013.
I had a checkup with my DRS. over the last few weeks. I had a Cancer Scare, but it was an infection that cleared very rapidly. I will be having a Heart Monitor inserted under the skin for 4-6 months. I am too tough ?? to let go of life. I celebrated Thanksgiving twice due to my wishing to Thank so many members of family helping me so much over the last year. You are part of the FAMILY GEFF as are so many other great folks whom I ahve met up with. I just celebrated my 73 rd Birthday yesterday. Your kindly assistance is much appreciated. Sincere Best Wishes, Paul

Last week I started reading the PDF version of your book (while I wait for the hard copy to arrive), and today my Flip-Pal arrived! yippeeee !!
I'm already having a wonderful Christmas with the gifts I bought myself. :)
I'm not being too selfish though; I want to be ready for our family's Christmas gathering.

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