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January 03, 2013


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When I am adding obits, I now add residence events for everyone listed in the obit (assuming their place of residence is listed). I have only been doing this for about a year. I wish I had been doing this all along because knowing where a person lived during certain periods can lead you to new records. For example, I had a great uncle that was listed as living in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1960. I had no idea he had ever lived up there (apparently he was only there for less than a year). This lead me to a 4th marriage record (married and divorced in that less than 1 year time span) that I would have never found had I not been paying attention to where he was listed as living in one of his siblings obits.

Geoff, what a great tip!

Hello. And Bye.

The obituaries were the first source of residences that I used. I just assumed that we were supposed to enter all of them. I have also found them helpful.

Great idea of taking a photo of the prior home, I wish I had done that because all of my prior places where I lived as a kid or even adult are now torn down, drats.
I had not thought of including addresses with obits but that is another good idea to include.
I know I am safe in including it to my database because I do not post to the internet, my genealogy database is for my kids to have and know about their ancestry after I am gone.
Keep your great tips coming....

Two terrific tips. I doubt I can even remember all the addresses I lived at (I wasn't exactly and "army brat" but close) but I can certainly remember enough to start adding them. And pictures! As for adding places listed against names in obits-I guess I'd better go digging through my obit file....

During the holidays this year, we had everyone in my nuclear family in one place for the first time in 8 years. We spent some time huddled around the computer, using google earth to find the residences for all of the grandparents, uncles and aunts, and the house my mom was born in. And found that Dad's childhood home had been torn down to create a university police department complex. I wish I'd saved the photo from a prior search. Even the internet archives doesn't seem to have it.

I never considered or thought about listing residences in the marriage screen. I really like the idea! Thanks... I am going to start using this suggestion.. And again, welcome to the Great State of Idaho!!

Geoff - You entered your residences in the marriage info.
Where did you enter your residences before you were married?
Also can you put the picture of the house with each of those entries?

Marilyn - the individual residences usually just go in the Events section of the Individual's Information screen. Yes, you can also link a picture to each event.

Thank you.

It would be great if events could be sorted by type or date. This would make tracking careers & moves so much easier.

Anne - in the Individual's Information screen, click on the Options button, then click on Sort. You can sort both ways.

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