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April 29, 2013


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I created several versions of a website using Legacy using different people as the starting point (examples: Paternal Great-Grandpa and his descendants, Maternal Great-Grandpa and his descendants, me and my ancestors). The prompt asked if I wanted to save the websites and I answered "Yes." There was not an option to choose where they were saved. Where are they saved?

Becky - the folder location can be specified on the Project Tab. Just click on the Browse button there next to Project name.

How do I delete a web page if I want to take it off the Internet.

Jim - first, remember that after Legacy creates the web pages, they still reside on your hard drive. If you have uploaded the page to your web space (server), you would navigate to your web server using your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software, along with your user name and password that your ISP provided you with, and delete the page there.

Is there a way to suppress information for living people?

Donna - yes, on the Other tab, click on the option to "Suppress details for living people". You can also choose its sub-option to "Change name to Living"

Thank you!! I thought I'd looked everywhere.

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