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June 24, 2013


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Is there a new version after 7.5 to access FS Family Tree?

Or will the FSFT sync be in Version 8?

Thanks -- randy

Randy - there will likely be a new update by the end of the month, or it could be included in version 8. Things can change quickly around here though.

Small world! Norm Nemrow was our mission president (Korea Daejeon Mission) during our first mission in Korea in 2005. Just one more connection!!

I have tried almost every genealogy software program ever written. I maintain several on my computers, so that incoming files can be easily converted (the way I want them) for importation to Legacy. I have used Legacy almost exclusively for personal work for over twenty years. Initially, I found no need to upgrade to the premium edition and worked with the free version for several years.

When I wrote my first genealogical book, on my wife's paternal family (Legacy has helped me publish two), I upgraded. I have never been sorry I did that. The support I have received has been better than any other computer software I own, and the Legacy program is every bit as solid as anything you can lay your hands on, including TMG, which I have used in the past, but no longer do.

It is sad to see PAF go. Although I have not used it regularly in several years, I've always kept a copy on my machines. Having it has made the trips to the Family History Libraries I have visited over the years ever so much easier. I wonder what they will have on their resident machines in the future? And, what will happen to all those other PAF based programs?

No, you could never pry my Legacy loose, but the first thing I'm going to do is try to download a fresh copy of PAF... just to archive. After all, for what it was and is, there was and is none better.

Rest in peace, indeed. I found PAF to be a very very difficult program to use, and was quite happy to switch to Legacy years ago.

I enjoyed PAF, and taught its use in many a class. Speaking of which, now that Legacy is fully Family Tree compatable/approved, I would love to see a class offered highlighting the nuances of it's features and use with FamilySearch Family Tree.

I loved reading Geoff's "reminiscences" .. I began my genealogy journey in 1999 with an early version of Family Tree Maker called "Parsons Technology" (I think). After a few upgrades, I settled on v. 16 for a number of years but sadly was very disappointed with the direction of the product in 2008 and beyond.

I was excited to see Legacy shown in a demo session at our local Family History Centre genealogy workshop in 2010 and immediately downloaded the Deluxe version and have never looked back.

I absolutely love the Source templates/wizard and am completely addicted to using the "To Do" features and I am so much more organized than I ever was!

While I haven't published a book I do have a website that is built with web pages simply published from Legacy: www.buckhoutfamily.com

My thanks to you all for a great product. I look forward to my research growing in step with the product!

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