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July 22, 2013


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Not really new information, as it is already in the current version as a report, but much better to make it immediately visible.

Can we generate a report with all of these potential errors that need to be checked?

Yes, the Potential Problems report can still be generated, giving you a report of all of the potential problems. This is currently in v7.

Love this feature! Looking forward to buying version 8!

Well, I can see why everyone is excited. One of the first tasks I set myself when I picked up doing my family's genealogy was to document and verify every single connection. I immediately began picking up errors, but it has been tedious to find them. A few more good solid links will give me a basic genealogy I can then put online feeling it is accurate, and then begin building out from. This feature will make my task much easier.

A nice feature, but I think most bad data is the result of people accepting undocumented data, posting it online, and having others copy it unquestioningly.

Have used the potential problem report feature and find it very helpful. Caught some of my own typos along with errors you mentioned above. Look forward to the additional new features.

I suspect I have a huge task of correcting once this new system comes into operation - but I welcome it. Isn't the truth always the best!

So that's what the little exclamation mark is for. Thanks, Geoff, and thanks to the designers. Really useful feature.

What will happen to all of the "already entered info./data" you have already entered -- will it still come up with "alerts" on each person/etc. - or will it ONLY start with any "new" info./data you enter using/upgrading to the Legacy 8?

Eileen - the alerts will appear for everyone where needed, not just newly-added people.

This is fantastic. A very much needed alert system. I am finding more errors on family trees on Ancestry than correct information. Too bad Ancestry not only will not include something like this, but they insist on continuing making it easier to "click and attach" from anyone not matter how completely wrong it can be. Thank you!!!

I am very excited about Legacy 8. I have found many of my own typos but this is wonderful for all that I have missed and other gaps I have not even thought about. Will you be doing this type of class on the Cruise? I am so excited about learning more and enjoying the cruse at the same time. See you in San Diego in September!

Beth - sounds like a good class for the cruise!

Any way to differentiate between informational or real problems via this indicator to focus on the serious things first?

A 5 year gap between children is more of a hint, but a child born when the parents were 10 years old could be a typo (or
this one is in truth a sibiling to one of the parents).

Ingo - yes, you will be able to select which alerts to display.

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