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July 30, 2013


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Geoff, Pre-ordered my copy last night as soon as I saw it. The download was already on my computer when I got home this morning. Quick work!

Did a very quick scroll-thru, but stopped at your cemetery story. What I wanted to comment on was your statement "I think they want to be found".

I have said that exact same thing myself. I've even developed what I call my 'Cemetery Sense' where I have very often walked into a strange cemetery with no idea where the graves are I'm looking for, and within minutes, walk right up to them. I believe you are right....these people want to be remembered. That's part of this hobby's reward for me.

Geoff, I will be pre-ordering the book this morning. Have loved your "Watch Geoff Live" series.
Will there be another book that is the official "User Manual" for Legacy 8 or does this contain all the new and enhanced features that we'll see in v8?

Diane - yes, the official user's guide will be available for Legacy 8. The Legacy Unlocked book is more patterned after the Watch Geoff Live series - in it I show how to document a family's life through different records and how to best use Legacy to do it. So they are completely independant of each other. Hope that helps.

Thank you Geoff so much for your book "Legacy unlocked". I am learning so much from it, especially ways of being more systematic in entering my data, and the value of the chronology. I can see that adopting your steps may help me break through some of my brick walls. You explain things so clearly it helps me make the most of Legacy's features and your webinars are great too.

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