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July 03, 2013


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How can we suggest a title for a book about Legacy Family Tree 8 when only 'hints' have been documented about the forthcoming release? Why not make the contents of the Table of Contents and Chapter 1 available if you want an informed response?

Watch the Legacy Webinars - The Book!

Bruce - I'm glad you asked. You're right, I wasn't too clear other than stating it was similar to the Watch Geoff Live webinar series. In that series I demonstrated how to add different documents to Legacy like a Death Certificate, Cemetery records, marriage records and more. This book uses the same concept and walks the reader through the process of planning, researching, setting up the source clipboard, analyzing and adding the new data and digital images, sourcing, planning for future research, and filing the documents in your organization system. All of this using Legacy 8. Hope this helps.

How about
Genealogy with Geoff
Techniques, Tips and Step-by-Steps for Using Legacy Family Tree 8 to Record Your Genealogy

You answered it yourself Geoff. 'Genealogy first with Legacy Family Tree 8'.

I like Genealogy with Geoff: Techniques, Tips and Step-by-Steps for Using Legacy Family Tree 8 to Record Your Genealogy. Any Legacy user immediately knows who Geoff is and will know that the book is a must have.

Genealogy with Geoff: The Book for Legacy Family Tree 8

Legacy Family Tree 8 - the straight-up guide
Using Legacy Family Tree 8 - the No-nonsense guide
The Real User's Guide to Legacy Family Tree 8
Bringing Family History alive with Legacy Family Tree 8

How about...

Genealogy Unleashed!
Techniques, Tips and Step-by-Step Instructions to Use Legacy Family Tree 8 Successfully.

Legacy Family Tree 8 - Geoff Tells All!
Techniques, Tips and Step-by-Steps for Using Legacy Family Tree 8

How about Unlocking Legacy 8 with Geoff. (subtitled The idiot's guide to Legacy 8, or beginner's guide.....)

I'm thinking about how well Geoff explains features. Similar to the old Idiot's guide books, but unlocking the advanced features for us

Legacy Family Tree 8 - All the Easy Answers


For the book title how about -

Pieces of Eight, Legacy Hidden Treasure

Good Luck,


Think Like An Expert: Researching with Legacy Family Tree 8

I like Pamela's suggestion: Genealogy with Geoff: Techniques etc. However, Legacy does so much more than just RECORD your info - reports, to-do lists, research guidance, source management, etc. So maybe just Genealogy with Geoff: Techniques, Tips, and Step-by-Steps for Using Legacy Family Tree 8.

How about "Doing Genealogy First with Legacy Family Tree 8", subtitled "Genealogy with Geoff: Techniques, Tips, and Step-by-Step How-tos for Researching & Recording Your Genealogy in Legacy 8". A bit long, I know, but . . . .

"Geoff's Book to Use Family Legacy 8: Techniques & Tips to Research & Record"

I love Genealogy with Geoff: Techniques, Tips and Step-by-Steps for Using Legacy Family Tree 8 to Record Your Genealogy. Definitely go with that one. Those who know you will grab it and know it's written in your easy to understand style, as always. The contents is self explanatory for newbies.

I can only hope that shared events means that an event entered for one person can be copied or attached to other people's event lists rather than needing to reenter the event for each person who share that same event.

Shorter is better. How about Legacy 8 with Geoff:
Tips, Techniques and Step-by-Steps

The Insider's Guide to Legacy Family Tree 8

Marie - that's right. Enter the event once, and then choose the individuals with whom you will share it.

I guess I'd ask if you want to link the book so much with a personality in the titile? Would that tend to limit its appeal to people who are not familiar with Geoff but are looking for a well-written guide to using Legacy 8? I agree that Geoff is a wonderful teacher with both a real knack for guiding us through the intricacies of Legacy Family Tree, AND for infusing us with his enthusiasm for the process. But those of us who already know him will be drawn to the book because he wrote it. It seems to me that others, especially those new to genealogy or switching genealogy programs, are more likely to be looking at the title to assess the book's usefullness for learning to navigate both Legacy and resources. Geoff's personality will come through in the book and people will become fans through another source (watch the webinar enrollment go up after the book comes out!).

I did post my own suggestion in the "poll" section. Forgot to add that I think your subtitle is perfect.

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