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1921 Canada Census Now Available Online

Looks like the 1921 Census of Canada is now available and online for the first time ever today! Click here to being browsing. It does not yet appear to be indexed, but browsing by location is possible.

I've got lots of my wife's relatives to search for plus a few of my own that migrated northward. What about you? Let me know here who you find!

It's a happy day! Life is short, do genealogy first!


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I found my grand parents and my mother and aunt and uncle. I went back to the previous census and used the residence from it to locate the area in 1921. They never moved from the original homestead until the 1950's.

Before I share my good news about the 1921 census I would like to clear up some misinformation from other newsletters and blogs. Anyone can access the 1921 census FREE from home. Use your free account with ancestry.ca or sign up for a free account (not a trial account). I think that ancestry.com is offering a free version also.
I was able to easily find all of my Canadian ancestors that were alive in 1921. This is great because all of my ancestors are Canadian. Of course I knew where they lived but the district and sub-district information is fairly detailed so they're pretty easy to find.
I was also able to start on the genealogy of my house (Thank you Marie Pierre-Louis). Some of the enumerators included the lot number and concession number of the home. I was fortunate to find the names of the people that owned the farm and house that my parents owned when I was born and also that the house was stone. This was an unusual type of house in that part of Ontario. Of course my parents did not own the farm at the time since my mother was only 3 at the time of this census.
If you haven't started searching do so today, since it isn't as hard as some people would lead you to believe.

I found my father and his first wife, My mother and her family, My aunt, uncle & cousin + other relatives because I knew EXACTLY where they lived. I got a nice surprise, because I discovered that a cousin of my grandfather's was still alive & it led to me finding her death in Michigan in 1931! The were all in rural or small communities. It will be a much greater challenge to find folk in cities. I skipped putting in the source because Legacy hasn't got it ready yet! Also, I look forward to forms.

Robert - the latest update of Legacy issued a couple of days ago now has the 1921 Canada census source template.

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