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August 26, 2013


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I love the new option to go back further in the generations! It may be the only way I can highlight two lines that did intermarry at one point!

This is a very useful feature, Geoff!

One quick query, if I decide to colour two lines, then change the default colours of the first root person, will the colours for the second root still be a darker version of the first?

Hope it is not much longer for V8 though I do understand the wait. I am so looking forward to the new "problem alerts" and the enhanced sourcing.
Kind wishes

My parents (way back) occasionally had a common ancestor, but that ancestor only shows one color line. Is there a way to color code the ancestor to show he/she shows up as both lines?

Very excited to see something on the v8 list that I requested--wow! Thank you! Now I can color-code to match my binders, currently at 6 colors, but soon to expand to 8.

Chris - in Legacy 8 you will be able to see both colors for that person in the Pedigree View.

Anne - all colors can be chosen. If you change the colors for the first group, you'd need to also change the colors of the second group if you're hoping for them to be similar, just a darker shade.

Terrific to be getting 8 colors for 8 branches in Version 8. Legacy is catching up with the 8 color-coded lines I've been using for past 25 yrs. Can't wait to install Ver. 8 with split colors for our many ancient intermarried ancestors! MMM

I am so looking forward to the new version! I love Legacy anyway, but the new features!!!! I at the moment have to switch color coding between my mother's side and my father's side. It will be so nice to have it "stay put". I do have a large number of "duplicates" further back and it will be a joy to see how that works. Now I notice a red for wife and a blue for husband for example (and a plain). He's a common ancestor, once with wife number two and three times for wife number one. And further back it gets even more complicated. Was rather surprised to find blue for most of the line back then green once it hit gen. 22. The Blue tends to have the most Royal's (a couple Green and a couple Red's) but majority are on the Blue side. But, Edward III on up is Green. So, I'm still wondering a bit. So looking forward to all the new features!!

May I please make another suggestion for Legacy 8.

Would you please organise it so that, in adding children, there is an automatic sorting of them by age?

At the moment one needs to use the procedure to do a sort by age but it would be helpful if this was done for us automatically.

If no age is entered for a child, there could be a default - as there is at present - for that child to be listed before all children whose ages are entered.

This would be very helpful. Thanks.

Daryl Murphy (from OZ)

Daryl - this sorting will be possible in Legacy 8. Maybe I'll write about it next week.

That's fantastic -- now I'll be able to have them all coloured and know at a glance which family they come down to, or up from or whatever. And to get the automatic sort on kids -- you've made my day all over again!

I hope the sorting of children by age can be set automatically ONLY if you want it, high up in my tree I have a lot of ancestors that have the same parents, so I like to list my ancestors on top, marking the youngest of them as the preferred child so I know everyone above the preferred child is also an ancestor.

Boy Geoff, I can hardly wait....I didn't think it could get much better but 8 will be amazing!!!

My father was adopted. Will I be able to color code his birth family differently than his adopted family by using grandparents as starting point?(6 grandparents)

I haven't used this except in the Family Tree Charting program in the main but I will be using this in the main interface now that there is more color coding! Thanks!!! Love these "teasings" Geoff.

Martha - good idea. Yes, this seems like a good use of the two starting points.

Christelle - yes, the sorting of children/marriages/events is optional.

Is it possible to have 9 or more colored tags, not just 3, showing above an individual's name to indicate descent from a common ancestor throught 9-15 different children? I would not be using the ancestral coloring plan.

Norman - yes, Legacy 8 will provide 9 tags which can use any color you define.

I'm so glad about the color coding for intermarriages between parents lines as mine have done that at lease a dozen times in the 1600s and 1700s.

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