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August 12, 2013


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Thanks for the "show Duplicates" option. I recently did a chart for my mother's cousins and had to explain why at a certain point two of the lines were exactly identical (two brothers married two second cousins, whose great grandchildren got married). Small villages - got to love them.

I like the new "suppress duplicates" function!

This is a nice feature. But what is the biggest size of paper and will it print to a plotter or just an A3 size printer.

An additional feature suggestion that may already be available (and I have just missed it) is to add the ability to permanently flag individuals as "famous" and to then provide a way to print that list.

Thanks, and keep up the great work with updates!


J. - you can do this via "tagging". First, turn it on at Options > Customize, then you can mark/tag the famous persons. A list of tagged individuals can then be customized and printed.

George - it will print to whatever printer you have. Just modify the page setup. If you have a plotter it can print to it as well. You can also have the charts printed via our chart printing service. Just click on the Publish button, then Order Chart.

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