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September 09, 2013


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Wow, really excited to get the new Legacy 8 - eagerly awaiting for it! :-)

So what happens to events or children with no dates? In the past, they were sorted to the top, therefore, I used the up/down arrows to place them into the order where they should be.

M. La Nell: if the option to "Don't sort the...if there are one or more blank dates" is NOT checked, then events/children/marriages with no dates will be sorted to the top of the list. This is why we added this option. If it is checked, it will leave that event/child/marriage alone and keep it how you manually sorted it.

I'm more excited about the shared events! What kept me from switching from The Master Genealogist was the "witness" function!

I would like to see children from all marriages sorted by birth date instead of as it is now first from selected marriage and then from other. Maybe as an option. I have some siblings listed as 1946, 1947, 1949, ½ 1941, ½ 1949.
This would be even greater.

this new sort will hopefully get children of multiple marriages connected to the correct parents by using dates. I find so many users don't make their corrections, they just keep entering stuff.

I already have received and read the book. Follow with excitement revelation of all the new features. I can hardly wait. Please, hurry :-)

This is a very exciting new feature. I and the people I am teaching to use Legacy Family Tree are definitely looking forward to using it soon. The list is getting longer for what we are looking forward to seeing.

You've been saying Legacy 8 will be "available by the Enid of the year ... Or sooner" for months now. Any new updates on when? End of the year ("or sooner") is quickly approaching!

Marie - end of the year is still within the realm of "End of the year...or sooner."

Barbara - the sorting will not unlink and relink children from the wrong set of parents, you'd still need to do this manually.

Leif - you can get what you want right now when you click on the Chronology View. As it is now, your children display this way because it shows the children of the current couple first in the Family View. Then it displays the half-siblings if there are any.

I like the new sorting feature. It will certainly be a time saver in regards to data entry.

all these tid-bits about the new version are great and as an already user of the program, am ready for the new version. Quite with the teasing and let us have it! Dragging the release date out is frustrating.
Linda Ludwig Irish

Hi Geoff, what about including the Media Gallery in the global sorting

Doug - great idea, I'll add this to the enhancement request database.

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