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April 28, 2014


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My 14 year old rolls her eyes and does the teenage "boooring" thing. She had to do an assignment on convicts so I said there's plenty on your convict ancestors if you need it. "No". So I am letting it go. When she wants to know, she'll ask. 10 year old son likes to hear family stories if they are interesting. So he gets the convict stories, the bushranger stories, the stories with animals involved, anything I can think of that may spark his interest. And now he asks who I am writing about on my blog and how they are related to him, so something is working (mind you, daughter was interested at that age too. We shall see what happens).

Whoo! Whoo! Another person interested in genealogy! I love reading how kids are excited about genealogy! Many people think they may be too little or not interested. Just dabble a little research with them and you have a life long learner.
As a third grade teacher, I have been able to get children interested in how to research their family. Now with more and more records coming from Family Search, getting them interested is a bit easier and exciting. The questions the kids ask are wonderful and the connections they make to their lives and other areas in school create a life long learner. :)
Good job!

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