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June 16, 2014


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Good looking family!

Great picture of you and the family. Love the non-traditional poise. I'll have to check out my Nikon to see f I can use the app. Suspect it's too old but I do love my Nikon.

Love it!

Question? How did the camera wifi work out in the middle of nowhere?

This is my thinking. A phone has 3G or 4 if there is not wifi but the camera does not. So where did you get the wifi? Did you use a hotspot from your phone?



The camera has the built-in wifi and acts as the hotspot for the smart phone to connect to.

ah the old "honey the camera is lost, have to buy a new one" trick - great picture

Nice picture. Wish I had thought of it.

Beautiful children!
Fantastic picture.

Great picture and neat idea.... I would suggest depending on how you are going to use the pictures in the future disable the GPS or scrub the meta data before sharing.

There are numerous stories of people taking pictures at their house or other non obvious location. Then the picture gets shared a few times to people that you may not know. Now those people look at the meta data and know where live of what park you take the kids to every Sunday afternoon.....

Great picture. I liked the story that went with it. I'm glad you found the original camera.

AS usual, you, your beautiful family, and your running commentary make me smile. Thank you!

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