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August 28, 2014


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If your ancestors are Norwegian, as three of my grandparents were, the local histories of Norway (bygdeboks) will show you from generation after generation who among your ancestors lived on a particular farm, who moved and where, and so on generation after generation at wherever the extended family stayed or moved.

One of the handy reports that Legacy generates is the Location report, and using that report I can review and update the information on my Norwegian ancestors by looking at the listing of each farm and who continued to live on that farm from generation after generation, who was born on that farm and by using the unique number for each child search for any of the children that married and/or moved and where they went. I'm currently using the Location report to review individuals on each farm and their citations to ensure their accuracy, consistency and that of their spouses and children. Sometimes I only had the information for the husband or wife and now need to go after the information on the spouse or spouses at wherever they came from, which sometimes differs. Then, if there are parish records for that period of time I can also show that information, but if the ancestor is from prior to the 1600's that becomes more difficult, except in a few instances like nobility or notable individuals.

I have always recorded an address using the Description Field under Events. Fo Example if an ancestor lived at 23 London Road, Slough, Berkshire I would type 23 London Road in the Description Field then Slough Berkshire in the Place Field. Notes Field I use for any additional information, eg type of property, number of rooms etc etc.
It is then easy to do a search with the search menu using Individual>Event-Description>Contains>"London Road".
Using this means if a relative lived next door at say 25 or the street was renumbered etc all references to London Road appear in the Search results and it is easy to see related individuals at he address you are concerned with.

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