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My first black sheep ancestor

With the help of Google Translate I found my first black sheep ancestor this morning.

Initially I wondered why all of the writing on this page was beautifully scripted except for the one entry in Jan Olsson's record.


After typing the phrase into Google Translate I figured out why.


If I were the person recording this statement in the household records book, I probably would have been a little shaky too.

And so to start my new genealogy year, I've learned that the grandfather of my Swedish immigrant to America was beheaded for murder. In this record I also see that Jan's wife, my 6th-great-grandmother, died in 1804.

Here's to many more genealogy discoveries - good or bad - in 2016!


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WOW! What a find! I would have to know more!

I'm having a terrible time tracing my ancestors before they came to america. Have the ship they came on even but am stumped how to go further back.

Aren't those Swedish Church Records especially the household books fun? Given the right time periods you can really trace family from the vital records, household books, moving in and out etc. I have followed lots of people of my former husband's family and many collaterals through Vaesternorrland. Another excellent source for northern Sweden is, a huge database with only the very occasional mistake.

Geoff, I'm so sorry to hear that.

I've always considered my black sheep to be the one with a brief stint in prison for larceny, or the one described (Swedish translation) as a "rake," or the unmarried couples.

Also very heartbreaking - not black sheep - but the many, many parents who had children die before reaching adulthood.

Thank you, as always, for sharing your stories.

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