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MapYourAncestors.com Creates Free Ancestral Maps

MapYourAncestors at http://www.mapyourancestors.com will generate a Google Earth Map from the family tree and photos you provide, and they will do it free!

The MapYourAncestors home page displays the family tree and map for President George W. Bush. There are also links for his Life Chronology map and Ancestor Chronology map. MapYourAncestors provides downloadable Excel spreadsheets for you to fill out and directions for emailing them when completed.

One spreadsheet is for beginners and the other is for advanced family historians. Allow MapYourAncestors 48 hours to generate a map and your family tree will be plotted on Google Earth Maps. Currently this service is free; however, they request support through donations and ad clicks.

MapYourAncestors’ stated mission is to “bring genealogy to life by providing a means whereby the hard work you put into genealogical research can be enjoyed to its fullest by you, your family, and your friends. We hope you enjoy your Free web site as you trace your ancestors’ paths and zoom in on the satellite images of your great-great-great-grandparents’ back yard. Enjoy your Journey back in time and around the globe!”

Hey, you can also use this web site to plot your next research trip to the places your ancestors lived!


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