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New - AniMap video training on CD

Users of AniMap will benefit from a new training video CD entitled Plucking, Plotting, and Places: a Video Tutorial of AniMap. The tutorials teach the ins and outs of AniMap and include written step-by-step instructions.

Developed by Millennia's Geoff Rasmussen, the instruction helps overcome AniMap’s learning curve and teaches genealogy methodology at the same time.

AniMap has long been known to be the best resource for understanding the changing country boundaries in the U.S. and parts of Canada. Learning how to use it has been the researcher’s challenge. The video plays on the computer, so it’s easy to switch between it and AniMap to learn.

Key Video Features:

  • Why AniMap?
  • Learn how to select the maps for the year and state
  • Learn to plot the town/city on the map and change the map to the right year
  • Learn to measure the distance between two places
  • Perform radius searches – locate towns/cities, churches, or cemeteries within a certain distance
  • Create migration maps
  • Add overlays of rivers/streams, townships/ranges, railroads
  • Includes written step-by-step instructions that can be printed for easy reference

System Requirements:
Speakers, Windows 98 or higher, CD-ROM drive, Adobe Reader (free from

Order now!

For a video preview of AniMap, click here.


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