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Technology Tip: Preview Before Importing

Genealogists usually perform a preliminary survey when beginning research on a new family. A purpose of this survey is to learn what research has already been done on the family. As part of this initial step, researchers may consult lineage-linked databases such as’s Ancestry Archive, Ancestry World Tree, or These databases are built from the contributions of fellow researchers.

When you find information that may pertain to your research, you usually have the option to download the database. It can then be imported into Legacy as a GEDCOM file. However, some of these databases contain tens of thousands of individuals, but you may be interested in only a select few.

Typically, to be able to view the contents of the database, you would need to invest the time to import the GEDCOM into a new Legacy family file. A GEDCOM with 22,487 individuals took 9 minutes, 16 seconds to import into Legacy 6. Using GenViewer, it took just 0.328 seconds to load – less than a second!

Developed by MudCreek Software Inc., GenViewer is a companion program to Legacy that adds additional searching, sorting, and printing that is not available in Legacy 6. One of GenViewer’s greatest strengths is the speed in which it can view a GEDCOM file. Before investing the time to import the entire GEDCOM into Legacy just to see what’s in it, use GenViewer to quickly analyze the file.

To learn more about GenViewer, click here.

To download a free 15-day trial of GenViewer, click here.


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