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Internet Genealogy

Internet Genealogy is a new magazine from the publishers of Family Chronicle and History Magazine. Download a preview issue.

The first issue will carry a cover date of April/May 2006 and will be on newsstands across North America at the end of February. A “preview issue”, tentatively set at 24-pages, will be carried in the January/February 2006 issue of Family Chronicle. This preview issue will feature sample pages from the first issue of Internet Genealogy to give the reader and advertiser a good taste of the new magazine.

Internet Genealogy will be published six times a year and be available by subscription, on newsstands and as an online magazine on the web. The cover price is tentatively set at $5.95 (US) and the subscription rate of the printed magazine at $28 (US). However, there will be an introductory subscription rate for a limited time of $20 (US).

To learn more, visit http://www.internet-genealogy.com/.


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