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The Genealogy Guys Podcast

Drew Smith and George Morgan host a new, weekly genealogy podcast. If you enjoy DearMYRTLE's weekly podcast, you'll love this one.

Published each Sunday, Drew and George discuss the latest in genealogy news, and always have great instruction on various aspects of genealogy.

This week's show discusses genealogy news, brick wall solutions, volunteering opportunities, and gifts for genealogists.

You can listen to their show any time of the day. You can even listen to their archived shows back to September 2005.

Tune in now at

The Inflation Calculator for Genealogists

Have you ever wondered how much money your ancestors really made, or how much they actually paid for their land? We've all heard the phrase:

Back in those days, we worked for just pennies an hour

In fact, a story of my great-grandfather mentions that "although the rate of pay was not enviable, sometimes as low as 15 cents an hour, he worked hard. . . ." This was in the early 1900s.

Fifteen cents an hour sure doesn't seem like much in today's terms. In fact, according to the Inflation Calculator, it is only about $3.32 an hour.

Back in 1822, land sure seemed cheap -- William McCall purchased 250 acres of land for just $200. Using the Inflation Calculator, it appears that William got a good deal. In 2005, with inflation, this $200 equals about $2,771.

When writing a family history, explaining yesterday's prices in today's terms makes for an interesting insight.

Use the inflation calculator at

Deadlines for On-Time Christmas Delivery

Millennia's shipping department is located in Surprise, Arizona. Yes, Surprise really is the name of the city. Since so many of you have asked about shipping deadlines for the holidays, we thought we'd publish what our post office has stated.

According to the United States Postal Service (as of December 9, 2005), these are the "last mailing dates to arrive by Christmas:"

U.S. Domestic (Nationwide)

  • First Class: December 19
  • Parcel Post: December 14
  • Priority: December 21
  • Express: December 23 (check your local Post Office)

International and Military Mail

Click here for International and Military Mail


If you are purchasing Legacy or other products from our online store, please do so at least a few days before the above-published deadlines. One never knows how accurate the deadlines are from the postal service.

Save on Shipping!

Whether you purchase one item from us, or ten, the shipping/handling remains the same - one flat rate. Buy gifts for everyone in the family and save. (Wall charts and custom picture frames excluded.)

Order Online or by Telephone

  • 1-800-753-3453 (U.S. and Canada)
  • 1-623-875-4928

Happy Holidays,

Millennia Corporation

GedStar Pro V3.0

GHCS Software announces the release of GedStar Pro V3.0, an update of their premier genealogy software package for PalmOS handheld devices. The major new feature in version 3 is support for the display of pictures on the handheld as an integral part of the genealogy data.

Pictures can be imported directly from Legacy Family Tree, as well as from GEDCOM files that contain links to picture files. The user has some control over which pictures are converted, and all included pictures are automatically resized and compressed for efficient storage on the PDA. With a single tap, users can view pictures associated with individuals, events, sources, and repositories. The initial release supports pictures in the popular JPEG and BMP formats, but support for more formats is expected in the near future.

“The newer PalmOS devices have more memory, faster processors, and high-resolution color screens, which allowed us to finally implement this frequently asked-for feature,” said Doug Gordon, proprietor of GHCS. “We believe that GedStar Pro is the only genealogy program on any handheld platform to support this capability.”

To learn more, or to purchase, click here.

Now Available: Everton's Handybook for Genealogists, 11th Edition

Just announced:

Everton's Handybook for Genealogists, 11th Edition, is now available.

New and Improved:

  • Updated county data, including contact information for vial records, repositories, jurisdictions, and details on records they hold.
  • Updated descriptions of the major record collections available in each state and addresses that help you go straight to the source.
  • Updated mailing and internet addresses for societies, archives, and libraries in all 50 states. Telephone and fax numbers are included when available.
  • Many additional books that have become available for genealogists, listed in seven different categories for each state.
  • Available with optional CD - complete book, word searchable, maps can be downloaded and printed.

Features that will return:

  • The Handybook is an atlas, a history book, an address book…a comprehensive guide to family research in the U. S.
  • Full-color maps of each state show every country in the U.S.  Map coordinates help you locate the county you are looking for.
  • A tracker for every county details how boundaries have changed over the years. Your ancestor may have lived in several different counties without ever moving? This feature will save you hours of research.
  • Histories for each state in the U.S. help you understand how Native American movement, wars, settlements, territory, and statehood affected their creation.
  • 121 migration trail maps give detailed descriptions of the paths your ancestors traveled.
  • Bibliography of books list important works available for the U.S. and all states in the following categories:
    • General
    • Atlases
    • Maps
    • Gazetteers
    • Census Records
    • Court Records
    • Probate
    • Wills
    • Emigration
    • Immigration
    • Migration
    • Naturalization
    • Land and Property
    • Military
    • Vital and Cemetery Records

Order yours today.

New - Custom Family Tree Picture Frames

In this age of “mass-produced and off-the-shelf” gifts Millennia Corporation presents three-Dimensional (3D) genealogy picture frames that are custom designed online by you. Each frame is personalized and made to order based upon the information you input on our website. Three different frame types are offered:

Our Legacy Cruise Frame $29.95

For all the Legacy Cruise participants we offer this special commemorative frame of the cruise (see photo). Photo slips into frame slot in side. Frame is 8” x 10” and Lettering is 3D.

View example

Personalized Frame $39.95

This frame makes a great holiday gift with a family name and holiday greetings or can be set up as an “Ancestor” frame (see Asa Clark Brown frame photo). Multiple lines of text on top and bottom can hold lots of family information and history. Photo slips into frame slot in side. Frame is 8” x 10” and Lettering is 3D. Frame can be ordered in vertical or horizontal lettering configuration to match your favorite photos.

View example 1

View example 2

Family Tree Frame $49.95

This unique frame can hold between 7 to 10 family member photos. 4 Grandparents on the top level, 2 Parents, and from 1 to 4 grandchildren on the lowest level – sample photo shows two grandchildren. The Family name can be inserted on the frame and each photo opening holds the name of that member of the family under the photo. A single “slip in photo mounting sheet” allows for perfect alignment and mounting of all photos in the frame. Individual photo openings are approximately 2” high x 1.5” wide each. Frame is 8” x 10” and Lettering is 3D.

View example

Type in your “one of a kind” message, name or any inscription on the Personalized Frame and our high tech rapid fabricator system builds the 3D item “from scratch” – just as you want it! The frames are durable products that will be treasured as keepsakes for years to come because they are unique gestures that can bear a message, family member’s name, history and other personalized information. Create your customized gift frame today!

Technology Tip: How Much Memory Do You Have?

Have you ever been asked, "How much memory do you have?" Ten years ago this may have been an insulting question to ask. Today, it generally refers to the memory inside your computer.

Does your computer have enough memory? The best answer to this is "you'd always be happy with more." The more memory you have, the more programs you can run at once, and the faster your computer will run. With memory so inexpensive these days, it's almost a no-brainer.

Before you can add more memory to your computer, however, you need to know a couple of things:

  • How much memory does your computer currently have?
  • How much memory does your computer support?
  • Does the inside of your computer have any available slots for a new memory card?

Unless you really know what you're doing, these questions used to be difficult to answer. Now it's quite simple. has a small utility that will analyze your computer's "insides" and report how much memory you currently have, how much memory your computer can support, and let you know how many slots are available. It will also recommend good deals on new memory.

Visit and click on the "Scan My System" button to get started.

Legacy Tip: Birthday/Anniversary Reminders

Ever missed a loved one's birthday? How about your own anniversary? With Legacy 6 you'll never have this problem again.

The new Legacy Home tab in version 6 contains a birthday and anniversary reminders section. When you start Legacy 6 for the first time, however, this section will be noticeably blank. To set a birthday reminder, you'll first need to navigate to the person for whom you want to set a reminder. In their Individual's Information screen, click in the box next to the birthday reminder option at the bottom.

Now Save your changes by clicking on Save in the upper right. Click on the Legacy Home tab and the reminder should appear.

If the reminder doesn't appear:

1) Click on the picture of the House in the upper left to refresh the screen.

2) Click on Options > Options to change the number of days in advance that the event's reminder should appear.

Anniversary reminders are set from the couple's marriage information screen.