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Genealogy for the Palm - Update for GedStar Pro Now Available (V3.1)

GHCS Software announces the release of GedStar Pro V3.1, an update of their premier genealogy software package for PalmOS handheld devices. Based on feedback from customers and other technical advances, this version greatly improves the support for integral photos and is a highly recommended, free update for all current users.

According to Doug Gordon, Chief Technical Officer of GHCS, the new version “has a completely new photo conversion module that is much faster, more accurate, and supports every raster graphics format that we know of. In addition, improvements on the handheld side take advantage of the full 65K-color capabilities of newer devices to greatly improve the quality of the displayed photos.”

The photo support is now fully functional with Legacy Family Tree.

In addition to a number of minor fixes and feature improvements, this is also the first version of GedStar Pro to include some basic support for the new Palm “one-handed navigation” feature that is found on the Treo smartphones and on the T5 and T|X PDAs.

The list price for GedStar Pro was recently reduced to USD $24.95, and the new version is a free update for all existing owners of earlier versions of the product. The product website can be viewed at If you already use GedStar Pro, you can download the free update from


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I have a palm Z22, that will store up to 20MB. Is that enough to use the gedstar program and down load my genealogy? I have about 5000 names.
Thanks you for your help,
Mary Lou Fournier

20Mb is more than enough memory unless you have a lot of photos, very long source citations, etc. In any case, GedStar Pro is very tailorable as to what gets included, so it's easy to get your data down to a reasonable size.

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