Legacy Tip: How to Locate your Legacy Family File on your Computer
Survey: What Kind of Computer Do You Use?

Legacy Crossword: January 30


3. This view in Legacy displays a person's timeline
5. 9 are available in Legacy Deluxe, only 3 are available in Legacy Standard
7. Short for Weblog
8. Name showing descent from a given person

1. Latin term signifying a copy reads exactly as the original
2. Publication of an intended marriage
4. A woman married to a "gentleman"
6. Mother's sister

Click on the image below for the solution:



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FYI Only: You can't print this page from "Legacy Home". At least I can't. If I go directly to the url in a stand-alone browser "print" is available. This is one page that needs to be printable since you can't fill it in on screen either.

I can always go to a real browser for the information. But if I do I probably will for all other pages too and end up not using "Legacy Home".

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