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New Data Online for Scotland Researchers


We are pleased to announce that this year we have received permission to release the new years statutory data earlier than in previous years. Customers can now access, online, records from the Statutory Register of Births for 1905, the Statutory Register of Marriages for 1930, and the Statutory Register of Deaths for 1955. Almost 100,000 new index and corresponding image entries have been added to the site, amounting to six gigabytes of data.

Major Index Updates - 30th Dec 2005

In addition to the new data release, we have also deployed the biggest single index update on the site to-date. These include corrections of indexing and transcription errors in Statutory Birth, Death and Marriage indexes (Census updates for all years will follow shortly). Please note that some previous searches may change to reflect the updates, in that incorrect returns will be removed whilst corrected records will be returned. As always, we do stress that customers read the extensive help regarding how to best find elusive entries.


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