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Twelve Google Search Tips for Genealogists

by Kimbery Powell . . .

In just three short years, Google has become the search engine of choice for millions of savvy Internet searchers. It is a special favorite among many of the genealogists I know, due to its ability to return relevant search results for genealogy and surname queries. Google is much more than just a tool for finding Web sites, however, and most people surfing for information on their ancestors barely scratch the surface of its full potential. If you know what you are doing, you can use Google to search within Web sites, locate photos of your ancestors, bring back dead sites, and track down missing relatives. Learn how to Google as you've never Googled before:

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3 Years - I've been using Google since late 1998!!

It's ability to search for those long lost ancesters just gets better and better. Espcially so since more and more resoucres are being put into a webformat.

That is the key. Getting that data into a webformat.

Google is just the key to unlock it.

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