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FindUSA discontinued to libraries

One of the more popular databases offered through the Godfrey Memorial Library, and other libraries, has been terminated.

FindUSA was a service to assist researchers in locating their missing living relatives. The president of infoUSA stated that the termination of this database service to libraries was a business decision in light of consumer concerns about privacy issues.

Richard E. Black, director of the Godfrey Library, stated to his patrons that he "is very saddened by the lost of this very popular site. We recognize the disappointment that many of you will feel by its loss. . . . We continue to look for other sites that may provide similar content.


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An email from Godfrey also mentioned that one of their competitors had a similar database and wonder if anyone knows who has a similar database?

I also would be interesed in knowing who else provides a similar database. I would gladly pay another website for this info.

Here are a few other websites offering similar services:

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