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Legacy Update Now Available - 10 February 2006, Version

Legacy 6.0 Deluxe Edition Users

If you have Legacy 6.0 Deluxe Edition then start Legacy and click on the "Install and Download Now" on the Legacy Home tab. (If you're reading this from within the Legacy Home tab, you'll first need to click on the Home button in the top left which looks like the following picture:)

Legacy 6.0 Standard Edition Users

Standard Edition users are required to visit our web site in order to download the new update.


  • Date Formats - Legacy now recognizes quarter dates commonly used in UK BMD Index records.  (e.g. Mar Q 1873, Jun Q 1873, Sep Q 1873, Dec Q 1873)
  • Text Editor Window in the Publishing Center - Added Spell Checking option.
  • Event Window - Font format control codes can once again be added to the Name, Description, and Location fields of an Event by using Ctrl-B, Ctrl-I, Ctrl-U, and Ctrl-S.  These codes are then converted to the proper formatting when printed on reports and web pages.
  • Main Toolbar - If the main window is made narrower than the width needed for all the main toolbar icons, the icons will wrap to a second line so that they can all be seen and used.
  • Book Reports - The Table of Contents is now generated and moved to the beginning of the report.
  • Publishing Center - All the introductory sections (Title Page, Copyright, Dedication, Preface, and Abbreviation pages) are now displayed before the Table of Contents as they should be.
  • Family Group Record - The Last Modified date now shows the most current date for anyone on the report.  This includes the husband, wife, children, parents or spouses.
  • Options > Customize - The Date Preposition option has been moved from the View tab to the Date tab (where it belongs).
  • GEDCOM Export - Changed Repository notes to level 1 instead of 2.  Several other programs were not reading them from level 2.
  • Report Screens - Added PDF output option to 31 report screens to make it easier to create these files.


    Notes - Saving of notes with apostrophes was sometimes causing an error 13. Fixed.

    • Reports - If you selected to print to PDF and then cancelled, some buttons on the report screen were not re-enabled.  Fixed.
    • Picture Gallery - When .pdf, .doc, .txt, .wpd, and .xls documents are linked through the Video button in the Picture Gallery, the Play button now displays these files when the Built-in Legacy Player is selected in Customize > Launch. (Previously they were only displaying when using the Windows Media Player option.)
    • Marriage Event Sentences - Couple name fields were not being replaced correctly in marriage events on the Family Group Record.  Fixed.
    • Publishing Center - Successive FGR reports were raising the bottom margin a bit each time.  Fixed.
    • Note Fields - Pictures pasted into Note fields was causing Legacy to hang when saved.  Pictures are not currently supported in Note fields so they are now removed during processing.
    • Location Report - When using the "Use current sort order of Master Location list," the short location names were not included when requested.  Fixed.
    • Location Report - The Short Location names were not formatted correctly.  Fixed.
    • Location Report - The settings for using long and/or short location names was not being saved between sessions.  Fixed.
    • Publishing Center - The RIN/MRIN settings in individual reports were causing some names in the index to have the numbers and other to not have them, thus resulting in duplicate names in the index.  Fixed.
    • Publishing Center - The Change Person button now works for Picture Scrapbook chapters.
    • Report Printing - The Horizontal Duplex setting on the Page Setup screen now works correctly.  (It used to produce only one blank page for any report.)
    • Temple Submission - The LDS filters now work as they should.
    • GEDCOM Export - When suppressing information for living individuals some were being exported with an indicator that they were dead.  Fixed.
    • Marriage List - The font size setting for the list is now remembered.
    • Scrapbook Options - The settings for individual and marriage tags are now saved and restored.
    • Note Fields - The initial font size when a notes window is opened is now correct (the previously selected Zoom size).
    • Reports - The [CoupleNames] field in report titles was show the actual names for Private individuals.  Fixed.
    • Name List - Filtering options.  Fixed a couple filtering problems that were not working correctly from the Options, Filter List option on the Temple tab.
    • IGI Search - Filtering options.   After creating a filter the wrong filter message was being shown for two of the filter options.
    • Legacy Home To-Do reminders - Fixed the problem from the last build where the filtering for To-Do Reminders was not working correctly.
    • Edit Marriage - Enhanced the Repeat functionality and worked on making the report wording options honor the highlight field when entering.


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    WOW, THANKS !!

    What a GREAT update/upgrade!!

    AND FREE as well.

    Keep up the GREAT work!

    PS - NO, I am not on their payroll

    Thanks for the continued hard work it is very much appreciated.

    THANKS. I love legacy and recommend it often. Just today I told someone about the awesome techinical support. This is another great example of why.

    I am looking forward to testing the fixes and trying them out.

    Thanks :)

    I have tried and bought several genealogy programs but since three weeks I tried Legacy, with the results that I bought it at once and find that this software was the one I was looking for for a long time. Keep up the good work, a very saticfied costumer. Thanks!

    On the EVENTS page would it be possible to adjust the column widths and have them stay at the adjusted size.

    The best Genealogy Program has just got better,again !

    Any chance or plans of incorporating DNA display, reports, matches, exports to Gedcoms, etc? I've entered my DNA results into my record in Legacy, but so far I haven't found anything that Legacy can do with except, except store the results for me. Other than that, I love the program. Thanx.

    I have been with you from day one. Legacy can't be beat, and I have tried them all. The free support shows your concern for the user's satisfaction. Thanks

    By far the best!

    I too have been using Legacy for quite some time and remain totally impressed with your tech support and the efforts you make to keep us happy! Keep up the good work!

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