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The Desperate Genealogist's Idea Book


A tag-team effort by and some of genealogy's top ancestral sleuths and accomplished writers, this 150-page e-book is packed with articles and case studies that reveal invaluable tips, shortcuts, resources and even step-by-step instructions on how to use overlooked research tools, conduct specialized searches and tackle brick walls with sheer ingenuity.

When you're feeling like a "desperate genealogist," you'll be able to consult our e-book time and again for tried-and-true pearls of wisdom from our contributors.

  • Find out how a woman concluded a two-year search for an elusive female ancestor on page 22.
  • Discover how to find clues about your ancestors by broadcasting on the Internet on pages 39 and 126.
  • Learn the winning 10-point formula for successful genealogy research on pages 44-46.
  • Receive insights on tracing slave ancestors on pages 63-68.
  • Figure out how to demystify mystery photographs by examining aspect ratio and deciphering what type of camera was used to take the photograph with a Camera Comparison Table available on page 78.
  • Read step-by-step how to find U.S. passport applications in the LDS Library Catalog on pages 94-95.
  • Enrich your research findings by getting to know your ancestors' neighbors using the advice found on pages 107-118.
  • Get the mileage you need out of Family History Centers to achieve your research objectives by reading the information on pages 69-72 and 97-105.
  • Study the vocabulary that is essential for preserving your family history documents on pages 137-143.

And...that's just a sneak peek!

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