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The Proper Care and Handling of CDs

Marlo Schuldt, publisher of Legacy's Add-on, Photo Collector and ProMedia Manager Suite, wrote an interesting article about his experiences with caring for and handling CDs. Its headlines include:

  • Most of us protect the wrong side of the CD
  • One scratch or ding can destroy a CD
  • Sunlight can tan your CDs
  • Stacking CDs and the Leaning Tower of Pizza
  • To label or not to label
  • A reusable CD?
  • Determing CD quality is about like flipping a coin

Read the complete article at

Learn more about Photo Collector and ProMedia Manager Suite at


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Very useful tip. I keep myself my Legacy backup file both on a CD and also on an external Drive plus my portabel PC. Just to be sure I will never loose all the reasearch work I have done over the years.


/Lars Ekdahl

Re-writeable CDs MUST be fully Erased. One cannot do a Quick erase!
Why? Because a Quick erase erases the file structure, the root area only. The rest of the CD remains as it was.
The CD is written to with a laser that melts pockets in a special layer inside the CD. A Full Erasure restores the whole CD to a blank, unwritten layer inside the CD. Example: one cannot write any more to a book or a new book just by replacing the Table of Contents with blank pages.!! {BEP}

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