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Legacy Deluxe now offers 92 additional features not available in the standard edition

from Alice in Texas:

I've been using the free, standard edition of Legacy for quite some time now. I can't believe how much your company "gives away." Thanks so much.

I recently watched your What's New in Legacy 6.0 video and was thrilled to learn about the new Publishing Center and the Historical Timelines. As a long-time genealogist, I understand the value of timelines and history. You've now combined the two!

Then I reviewed your Legacy 6.0 Deluxe Edition Features article, and I can't believe how much more there really is in the Deluxe edition. (You should really make this article more "prominent" on your home page though.) I've been using the Deluxe edition now for about a week and am so happy to see new features that were hidden before. Thanks so much!

Alice - love your enthusiasm! Thanks for the note. We'll let our users know about the Deluxe Edition features article in an upcoming news article.


She's right. The Deluxe edition now has 92 features that are not included in the Standard edition. For a complete list, visit


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