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Wisconsin Birth Index Now Online

The Wisconsin Historical Society is pleased to announce its Pre-1907 Wisconsin Birth Index ( The index was made by digitizing a 1970's microfiche index and then expanding it with tens of thousands of delayed births, or births that were filed many years after the event, that were previously indexed separately. The result is free public access to more than 1,000,000 Wisconsin births, dating from the 1840s through 1907.

The index can be searched in a variety of ways - using just a last name or browsing by county and year. Users can try various names and locations to find Wisconsin ancestors. When an ancestor is found, a copy of the birth record can be ordered from the Wisconsin Historical Society online.

The Society plans to add pre-1907 death and marriage indexes in the next few months, creating a comprehensive vital records index that will be entirely free and publicly searchable. Until the death and marriage indexes are available, searches can be requested through our Wisconsin Genealogical Research Service (

For further information please email [email protected]


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