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Announcing a New Look for Passage Express

The Jefferson Project has just released a new update which simplifies the process for creating your multi-media projects.  You can create a beautiful project in 3 steps:

  1. Build Your Project
  2. Design a Menu
  3. Publish Your Project

Each step is clearly defined.

Optional features such as making a matching disc label or making a DVD menu are found on the ‘More Options’ link.

Passage Express is an easy-to-use, one-stop publishing package specifically designed to help you organize your records into an eye-catching multimedia presentation.  Use the Legacy import feature to create a project almost instantly.  These presentations are created for Windows computers where any file that you have included in your presentation can be easily accessed, saved or printed by those you share your presentation with.  These shared presentations also become wonderful off-site backups in case you lose your copy.  You can include histories, pictures, audio recordings, video clips and genealogy files to be displayed all on the same presentation.  Passage Express is unique in that any computer file can be added to your presentation.  Buttons on the menu can be customized to access the files individually, by folders or one button can access the whole project for the viewer to peruse.  The recipients do not need to own Passage Express to view your presentation.

Passage Express is intended for the average computer user, and goes to great lengths to ensure the highest quality and simplest operation possible.  Passage Express has a project import feature which allows for collaboration with others who also have Passage Express.  Even easier to use is the finished presentation - place the CD-ROM into your computer or slip a DVD video of slideshow movies that you have created in Passage Express into your home entertainment center, sit back, and enjoy seeing your family history come alive. We invite you to see how you can produce a Passage Presentation with ease and confidence.

To learn more about Passage Express, or to purchase, visit



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