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Genealogists nervous about Canadian Census 2006

The next National Census of Canada is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 16 May 2006. For the first time in the 340 years Censuses have been conducted in the territory that was destined to become Canada, respondents will be asked to provide consent for the release of information they provide, 92 years after collection. Until now, no such consent was required. The question that will appear on the Census schedule is as follows:

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Gordon Watt's article is most enlightening. In general I am in favour of public access to census information. I guess my concern is not so much the release of the data in 92 years but rather the depth of questions on the long form census. Quite frankly I find it hard to justify the collection of so much detail in the first place. Will I say yes to the release of census data I guess it will depend on the questions asked and if I deem the public's need to know as valid.

Recently I found that my mother gave birth to a daughter 1 year before her marriage to my father and registered father unknown. this child was adopted out and the secret was kept in the family until my aunt died in 2003. My mother died in 1975, father 1986. My problem is entering the 1/2 sister with my mother without being linked to my father, although we suspect my father was her father. can anyone help? I'm still using legacy 5 deluxe edition because I cannot afford to upgrade to 6 at this time living on the age pension.

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