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1841 UK Census now online

I hope you are not doing U.S. research without this . . .

When I first began my research, I looked in the records of Franklin County, Idaho for the birth of my great-grandfather, who was born in 1890 in a small area called Mink Creek. I wasn't very successful because at the time, Mink Creek was not located in Franklin County. In fact, Franklin did not even exist at the time.

Had I known about AniMap, I never would have looked in the wrong jurisdiction. AniMap allowed me to plot Mink Creek on the map, select the desired year, and it showed me what Idaho's county boundaries looked like in 1890. Mink Creek was definitely in Oneida County. However, changing to the modern map's boundaries, I understood the mistake I made. Today, Mink Creek is in Franklin County, but records of his birth would have been in the old county.

If you are doing research without understanding the right jurisdictions for the time period, your research may end with a brick wall.

AniMap also:

  • measures the distances between two places
  • performs radius searches
  • provides lists of cemeteries or other places within a county or state
  • creates migration maps
  • displays overlays of rivers/streams, townships/ranges, railroads

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A note to let you know how much I appreciate the Legacy Home Page. You've done a great job of informing us of new genealogical opportunities, added a bit of humor and expanded my knowledge. It's the first thing I read every morning.

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