Genelines for Legacy: It's About Time!
I hope you are not doing U.S. research without this . . .

New update available for AniMap 2.6 users

A new file is now available on the AniMap update page. A new version of COMAPS.EXE fix a couple of problems plus allowing space for future expansions of the information in the county database.

Visit the update page at The files on this page will only work with AniMap version 2.6 or higher (there isn't one higher yet).

Once you have downloaded the file, cut an paste it into the main AniMap folder. If you have done this correctly, Windows will give you a message asking if you want to replace the old COMAPS.EXE with the new one. Click on OK and you are done.

Those who do not have AniMap 2.6 can upgrade for $39.50 plus $3.00 shipping/Handling. To order, go to and click on the AniMap Upgrade link.

AniMap Video Preview

Millennia Corporation, developers of Legacy Family Tree, have created a video preview of AniMap. View the demonstration at

Also learn more about AniMap by clicking here.


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