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Converting & Preserving Old Movies: What to do and what to avoid

If you have old video recordings on VHS tapes, it's time to start thinking about converting them to today's technology. Unfortunately, each time you play a VHS tape it wears out a little more. Your old celluloid movies are becoming more brittle and silently fading away more each day. It's time to think about breathing some new life into your video collection.

Marlo Schuldt, producer of Legacy's add-on, Photo Collector & ProMedia Manager Suite, has written an article about the procedures of preserving your old movies. The article outlines the following:

Step #1- Answering the First Question

Step #2- Deciding How the Video Clips Will be Captured

Step #3- Should Do It Yourself?

Step #4- Getting Movie Clips into Your Computer - doing it yourself

Free video editing software

Step #5- Professional Capture and Conversion Considerations

Step #6- Preparation and Organization

Step #7- Using Video Clips in Family History

Step #8- What to do with new video clips?

Read the article here.


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