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How to print Legacy News articles from within Legacy Home

Question from Kimberly:

"How do you print your articles from Legacy home view?"

Viewing these Legacy News articles from within Legacy Home (version 6 feature), is very convenient - just click on the article's link and you're there.

Printing the articles from within Legacy Home is almost as convenient. While there is no print button (yet) in Legacy Home, when you're viewing the actual article, simply right-click on the page, and select Print.

However, this will print the entire page, including the links in the columns on both sides. If you just want to print the text, highlight the text, right-click and select copy, then open your word processor and paste it. You can then print the article from within your word processor.


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I think thing's are even simpler than this. If you select the text you want to print, then right-click and select print just as suggested above. However in the print dialgue box choose "selection" in the print range area. This will print only the selected text.



I usually use the "paste to Word" route, never knew about the "selection" print bit! Works like a charm, cut out that whole extra step & time. Wonderful tip. Keep them coming!

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