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Legacy Update Now Available - 22 May 2006, Version

Legacy 6.0 Deluxe Edition Users

If you have Legacy 6.0 Deluxe Edition, connect to the Internet, then start Legacy and click on the "Install and Download Now" on the Legacy Home tab. (If you're reading this from within the Legacy Home tab, you'll first need to click on the Home button in the top left which looks like the following picture:)

Legacy 6.0 Standard Edition Users

Standard Edition users are required to visit our web site in order to download the new update.



  • Addresses - There is a new option to set the address style of the city, state, and postal code when printing reports.  The options are "City, State, Postal Code" and "Postal Code, City, State."
  • GEDCOM Import - Added a new option on the import screen to "Sort events by Date while importing."  Some other programs don't export events in chronological order so this was needed to get them back into order.
  • Check/Repair - Added a new option on the File, File Maintenance, Check/Repair screen to "Sort events by date".
  • Multiple lines of Descent Report - If there are no marriages selected the report automatically prompts for them.  Ranges of MRINs are now supported.  E.g. (1-5, 23-42)
  • Potential Problems Reports - Added Printer Setup button.
  • Sound formats - Added the .wma (Windows Media Audio) file format to the Open dialog box when adding a sound file to an individual.  This type of sound file will only play when you are using the Default Media Player option on the Options > Customize > Launch tab.
  • Source Clipboard - Added the ability to put font formatting codes into the text of the Source Detail and Source Detail Text fields.
  • Web Page - The option on the Graphics tab to "To use a solid background color" was only a Deluxe Edition feature.  We have enabled this for the Standard Edition.
  • Web Page - The option on the Who tab to "Include Private Individuals" was only a Deluxe Edition feature.  We have enabled this for the Standard Edition.


  • Backups - You will only be prompted to make a backup if you changed any data in the file.
  • County Database - A few updates have been made to the US Historical County database.
  • Date Sorting - Changed the sort dates for incomplete dates:
    • 1888 = 0 Jan 1888 instead of 1 Jul 1888
    • Jun 1888 = 0 Jun 1888 instead of 15 Jun 1888
    • Aft 1888 = 32 Dec 1888 instead of 1 Jan 1889
    • Bef 1888 = 0 Jan 1888 instead of 31 Dec 1887
  • DNA Tests - Added support for the Family Tree DNA 59 Marker test and updated a couple other tests.
  • Dual Monitors - A few improvements for Dual Monitors users.
  • Marriage List - When Linking to Existing Parents for a wife the marriage list used to open with the Husband's name.  It now opens the Marriage list with the female's surname filled into the Husband's find box.
  • Publishing Center - The options to change Page Setup and Font options are now only available from the Publishing Center Options tab while building a big book.  All the other Page Setup and Font options are now disabled on the forms used to set options for specific report chapters.
  • Publishing Center - When adding a Multiple Lines of Descent chapter to a book, the MRIN list is now reset to include only the current marriage.  The user is then prompted to select the desired marriages for the report.
  • RTF Pictures - The option to embed pictures in RTF file is now found on the Pictures tab of the Report Options screen instead of the Other tab of the main customize screen.
  • Report Indexes - Clicking the Index checkbox with neither a Name or Location Index selected, automatically opens the Index Options screen where you can select the desired index(es).
  • Report Indexes - Selecting either type of index from the Index Options screen automatically turns on the index printing checkbox.
  • Report Indexes - You can now select either a Name Index, Location Index, Both, or None.  Formerly you had to have a Name Index in order to have a Location Index.
  • Source Citations on Reports - Master and Detail pictures are now included when doing RTF style output.


Click here for a list of fixes.


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Thank you for the updates. Especially fixing the photo location problems!

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