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U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards now online

New - SiteFinder Online (and FREE)

Introducing SiteFinder Online, a free web-based version of The Gold Bug's SiteFinder U.S. place name database. SiteFinder Online lets you search for towns, cemeteries, schools, courthouses (and more) and plot them onto Google Maps where you can zoom in & out or overlay the SiteFinder locations onto satellite images of area you are studying. You can plot multiple items at once, or search for your exact point of interest. In addition to the more than 700,000 current locations, there are thousands of historical locations that no longer exist and won’t be found on current maps.

The database contains all the locations contained in the version included with the AniMap County Boundary Historical Atlas software. The search capabilities are a little more limited, but are sufficient for this application. You may access this free service at


AniMap contains over 2,300 historical maps that show the changing county boundaries for each of the 48 adjacent United States for every year since colonial times. Its use is essential for research in the U.S.

Watch a video overview of AniMap:


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Please remind folks this is an American program only. It doesn't work for those of us in other countries.
Thank you,

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