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Legacy Update Now Available - 22 May 2006, Version

Pocket Genealogist 2.97 and latest Legacy update

from Kevin Phillips of Northern Hills Software:

Pocket Genealogist Users,

The latest version of Legacy [] and the latest version of Pocket Genealogist
(2.97) both have changes that will require that you delete your old Pocket Genealogist database(s) and create new ones.

Therefore, before you install either, make sure you do a synchronization between Pocket Genealogist and Legacy so that any changes made on your Windows Mobile device are updated into Legacy.  (Otherwise if you install either the 2.97 version of Pocket Genealogist or the latest Legacy version, you'll have to revert to GEDCOM to get your changes back into Legacy)

Then, delete your Pocket Genealogist databases and install the Legacy update and install Pocket Genealogist 2.97.


Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Kevin Phillips
mailto:[email protected]

Learn More About Pocket Genealogist

Pocket Genealogist is genealogy software for the PocketPC, Palm-Size PC, Handheld PC and Handheld Pro (Windows CE devices V2.0 or better). Pocket Genealogist Advanced Version 2.9 imports data directly from Legacy Family Tree -- no GEDCOM file necessary! New with Advanced Version 2.9x, complete 2-way synchronization between Legacy Family Tree and Pocket Genealogist!

Visit http://legacyfamilytree.com/PocketGenealogist.asp for more information.


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