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Question: I've been using Legacy for quite a while, is it worth it to purchase the Legacy training video set?

Responses from our users:

I recently purchased a set of the Legacy training videos and upgraded to Legacy 6. If anyone is wondering about them, let me tell you that they are definitely worth it! I thought I had pretty much figured out many of the features, but, boy, there was lots to learn. I am now back to entering information that I have gathered for quite awhile and it is fun where it used to be a chore! - Nancy

I bought the training video package when I bought Legacy 6, and I think they are fantastic. They are well worth the cost. As a new Legacy user, I find them invaluable. - Karen

I thought you might be interested that I even learned something. I had used the simple workings in the past, not knowing the more powerful ramifications. All I can say, is, absolutely well done. - Mark

May I say how much I like your training videos. Unlike some training videos they are neither hard to understand nor patronizing. - Steve

Because of my background as a certified and professional family researcher, the topics most helpful to me were those on adding and editing sources. The videos explained it thoroughly. - Brenda

It is so much better to see the records and sources on the screen while someone is explaining it. - Mary Ann

Get all 5 of these titles for just $32.95:

  • Legacy for Beginners
  • Your 12-Step Checklist to Using Legacy
  • Legacy's Ultimate Guide to Sources
  • Researching with Legacy: Mastering Events and Chronologies
  • Legacy's Tagging and Searching Made Easy

A $39.80 value. Buy all five titles and save!

Recommended for beginners to advanced. Visit to preview sample video training clips!

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I have used Legacy for many years but it was only this year that I purchased the video training CD's. Boy is there a world of information in them. The use of tags and different ideas on source information are just a few of the new skills I learned.

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