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GENMatcher Legacy Edition

Genmatcherthumb_1 GENMatcher is a Windows-based utility that compares two genealogy files for matches, or one genealogy file for duplicates. GENMatcher quickly finds matches between genealogy files. This allows you to quickly test downloaded files for potential matches to your data. In addition, GENMatcher also helps you clean up your genealogy data by finding duplicates.

You can compare files between different file formats. Files do not have to be the same format to be compared. GENMatcher reads and compares Legacy Family Tree and PAF family files, as well as GEDCOM and Temple Submission Files.

GENMatcher lets you set the comparison criteria. Your analysis work is saved in work sessions. An unlimited number of sessions can be saved and restored.

Use GENMatcher with no risk to your data. GENMatcher compares without modifying your data; there's no need to import data to compare files.

System requirements: GENMatcher runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. It requires 5MB of disk space.

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Visit to learn more or to purchase GENMatcher Legacy Edition.


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