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Displaying the last modified date

Question from Wayne,

"It would be useful to me if Legacy automatically displayed the date individuals were last edited on the Family View screen. Is this possible?"

Wayne, this is already available on the Family View. In the very far lower right of the Family View is a date. This is the date that the currently-highlighted individual was last modified.

Alternatively, you can display the last modified date for both the husband and the wife. See the image below. For step-by-step instructions on selecting which fields to display, click here.



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The database Clooz works along with Legacy in that when you enter a new person in Clooz, it will automatically enter that person into Legacy. Is it possible that Legacy can do the same, i.e. when entering a new person in Legacy it will automatically be entered into Clooz? This would be very helpful.

Gwen Majewski

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