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New method of receiving Legacy News and notifications

In response to our users' requests, we have added a new method by which you can receive notification of new news articles. You can now subscribe (free) to this blog. By doing so, you will receive an email whenever new articles are published.

Benefits - you wouldn't need to check the Legacy Home tab or your RSS software to see if there are any new articles - they'll automatically be emailed to you. You'll also be among the first to be notified of Legacy updates or new products, such as the recent release of the new training video set.

There are two methods to subscribe:

1) Click on this link:

2) Enter your email address in the subscription box in the upper right of this page.


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Legacy Charting--interesting software. _But_ for those running Windows Vista, you don't need to turn on User Account Control to prevent the error message, just right-click on the icon you use to start the program, select the Compatibility tab at the top and change the Compatibility mode to run as Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and click OK.

Love the blog but I don't read it often enough. This should help.

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