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Locating Lost Web Sites

While most people can readily use Google or one of the many other web search engines to locate web sites, what happens when a page has been removed from the Internet? You found it once, but the web site's address (URL) is no longer there. You can't find what's no longer there - or can you?

The Wayback Machine is a web site that archives old web pages. Simply type in the web address (URL) of the web site that you can't find, and click the "Go Wayback" button. You'll get a list of links to different dates that the web site was archived. Simply click on the date and you're instantly taken back in time - you'll see what the web site looked like on that day.

A very useful tip if you are looking for information that "once was" but "no longer is."

Click here to go "Wayback."

Thanks to Ted Seidler for pointing us to this service.


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