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Transcribing images made easier with Transcript software

If you have ever tried to transcribe a digital image (census record, obituary, etc.) you likely had a difficult time trying to view the image and transcribe it on the same computer screen. You either had to memorize part of the text on the image, then quickly switch to your word processor or Legacy's notes, and then type what you can remember.

With a program called Transcript, you will not have this problem anymore. Transcript  is a shareware program that splits the screen into two - with the image on the top and a place to transcribe the document on the bottom. It certainly makes transcribing the document much easier.

Legacy user, Diane Manley, alerted us to this software. She wrote, "I can transcribe the information and then cut and paste it into Legacy or save and import it into Legacy. Works great. The user can enlarge the image or adjust the brightness for optimal viewing. It's been an invaluable tool for me in my research and with Legacy."

Learn more about Transcribe at


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Sounds good! Any way to get the site to be printed in English??

I cannot find the software using the link provided by Diane.

Sorry folks, the link appears to be down. It was working earlier today. I'll contact the owner and find out what's going on.

The Transcript web site is back up. If you click on "Downloads" in the left hand column it will take you to the download area.

I just tried the link, found it no problem, in English thankfully, and downloaded the "free" version. Having just tried it out for transcribing a census sheet: This is one of the handiest little pieces of software I've ever seen. Works great for me. This will save me lot of time in transcribing or extracting from document images and then attempting to proof read what I've done. In short, I'm impressed.

Sorry, but I just tried the link again and it's not working. I even had a Dutch friend of mine look at it to no avail.

The only "Transcribe" I could find on the site was for music files. Is this what you are referring to? The tool sounds great -- I'd just like to find it!

Having seen the comments above about the link not working, I decided to check again for myself: Yesterday, the link worked for me and I have the downloaded file. However, today, the same link takes me to some web site entitled "Orange World," in both English and Dutch (I think). Strange.
If anyone wants a copy of the file: "Installer_Transcript2.1.exe" about 1204 kb. I would be willing to email them a copy. This is the "freeware" version.

I can't read the Dutch language. How do I get the site in English?

Microsoft Word works the same way, if not better, if you are having trouble downloading the shareware. Just open Word along with the program or internet site with the digital image, then resize both windows to fill half the screen with each and start transcribing.

Hello all,

I'm the author of Transcript. I'm sorry that some of you have problems downloading my program. The cause is that I have just a limited bandwidth from my provider.
Everyone here trying to download it at once causes it to use up my max bandwidth for the day. When that happens you are redirected to a webpage of my isp.
In that case please wait until the next day and try again. (The stop is assumedly reset at midnight local time which is central european time, so you could try after that.)
Anyone who can't wait can e-mail me and I will either provide another link or send it by e-mail.

I downloaded fine, and tested a few minutes on a census. What a nice little program! Thank you.

I've not used the software but it sounds as if an alternative would simply, if using MS Windows, to have two windows open at once, changing the shape so that they fit top and bottom of the screen. The digitised image could be in one window and Word or Legacy in the other window.

I successfully downloaded and installed Transcript 2.1 but can't seem to get the split screen effect. When the program opens I get a quick view of a split screen but then the bottom split disappears. I can open either an image or a text file but can't seem to find a way to see both at the same time.

Advice appreciated.

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